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Signs and Symptoms that your car needs Oil Change

How will your vehicle tell you about low oil levels? It is not always the light that will let you know. Anyways, here are some indications and signs that your automobile needs a car oil change:



Each mechanical or electrical thing needs professionals to handle it. And so the car. Car maintenance services and diagnostics are not everyone’s cup of tea. The fact that a car is an asset and is a very expensive one. Therefore, you need to choose the best engine oil in UAE with the experts to change the oil.

What to Expect from We Fix Car Oil Change UAE service?

An oil change performed by one of our qualified technicians is part of a complete maintenance package that also includes other services.

A simple and quick car oil change in Dubai

We Fix Car has the most convenient and approachable car oil change service for you. You can have our team of professionals at just one tap. In addition to cleaning the oil tank, they will discard your engine’s current oil. You can quickly get your automobile back once our experts have filled it up with fresh engine oil. Avail of the services of the best engine oil in UAE for your automobile’s pleasant drive.

Oil Tests and Car Oil Changes

Car oil is the widely identified lubricant that everyone considers in an automobile. It protects the auto’s parts from crushing and lubricates the motor. While in use, it transitions from a translucent darker shade to a murkier black. General changes are essential since the oil may diffuse over time and with adverse wear, lose its protective qualities. Motor damage may happen from low oil levels, which might be the side effect of leakage.

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For your automobile to remain in the finest condition, routine car oil changes are crucial. The moving parts of your automobile will stay cool and lubricated with the aid of high-quality car oil. The accumulation of soiled and polluted oil over time can lead to corrosion and shorten engine life. We have brought here some automobile bits of advice to let your car engine live and function to the fullest


We Fix Car Tips and Tricks to keep your car oil Fresh

Examine the oil level

After two weeks, pop the hood of your automobile and check the oil level. If the oil level is low, top it off. The oil level should be somewhere between the lowest and maximum values on the dipstick

Pay attention to the oil light

To alert you whenever it's ready for an oil change, some more recent automobiles may include an oil replacement light. If not, further warning flags to watch out to involve higher engine sound and emissions that are smoking

When and how?

The type of oil you use, how frequently you drive, and the model of your automobile all affect how long it takes between oil changes. Oil should typically be changed every 5,000-15,000 kilometers and at least each year; however, check your user handbook for specific brand instructions.


Only the engine of an automobile can perform at a high level. Because it is the heart of the vehicle, the engine needs regular maintenance. The entire internal parts of the engine are meant to be lubricated with engine oil. Because of this, an oil change is a crucial step in any auto repair procedure.
Eliminating friction enables smooth functioning, improves safety, and extends the lifespan of your car engine. Regular oil changes for your automobile are essential to keeping it clean and clear of heavy dust and dirt, particularly in an area like Dubai.

This mostly relies on the brand, model, and general driving style of your vehicle. Although it’s still unclear exactly when you need to get your car’s oil changed, our knowledgeable staff suggests doing so every 5,000 kilometers.

Yes, you may. You may easily make a reservation using our online service anywhere, all of which are made to be as simple as possible. You may relax at home while we change the oil in your automobile knowing that our work will be of the highest caliber. To make the procedure even easier for you, we have indeed offered a variety of mobile auto repair solutions, including mobile oil changes.
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